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The Albums 17LP Box Set

Bon Jovi


13.1" x 13.1" x 5.1"

From ubiquitous hits like `Livin' On A Prayer,' `You Give Love A Band Name,' `Bad Medicine,' `Always' and `It's My Life' to back-to-back-to-back-to-back #1 Bon Jovi has created an ongoing legacy. This massive career spanning, 17 albums (25 LPs) vinyl set preserves the original look and sound of the originals - all LP jackets are exact replicas of the original album cover and songs have been mastered to the band's specifications to ensure exceptional audio quality.


Bon Jovi  
LP1-A1. Runaway
LP1-A2. Roulette
LP1-A3. She Don't Know Me
LP1-A4. Shot Through The Heart
LP1-A5. Love Lies
LP1-B1. Breakout
LP1-B2. Burning For Love
LP1-B3. Come Back
LP1-B4. Get Ready

7800 Fahrenheit  
LP2-A1. In And Out Of Love
LP2-A2. Price Of Love
LP2-A3. Only Lonely
LP2-A4. King Of The Mountain
LP2-A5. Silent Night
LP2-B1. Tokyo Road
LP2-B2. Hardest Part Is The Night
LP2-B3. Always Run To You
LP2-B4. To The Fire
LP2-B5. Secret Dreams

Slippery When Wet
LP3-A1. Let It Rock
LP3-A2. You Give Love A Bad Name
LP3-A3. Livin' On A Prayer
LP3-A4. Social Disease
LP3-A5. Wanted Dead Or Alive
LP3-B1. Raise Your Hands
LP3-B2. Without Love
LP3-B3. I'd DIe For You
LP3-B4. Never Say Goodbye
LP3-B5. Wild In The Streets

New Jersey
LP4-A1. Lay Your Hands On Me
LP4-A2. Bad Medicine
LP4-B1. Born To Be My Baby
LP4-B2. Living In Sin
LP4-B3. Blood On Blood
LP4-C1. Homebound Train
LP4-C2. Wild Is The Wind
LP4-C3. Ride Cowboy Ride
LP4-C4. Stick To Your Guns
LP4-D1. I'll Be There For You
LP4-D2. 99 In The Shade
LP4-D3. Love For Sale

Keep The Faith
LP5-A1. I Believe
LP5-A2. Keep The Faith
LP5-A3. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
LP5-B1. In These Arms
LP5-B2. Bed Of Roses
LP5-B3. If I Was Your Mother
LP5-C1. Dry County
LP5-C2. Woman In Love
LP5-C3. Fear
LP5-D1. I Want You
LP5-D2. Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll

These Days
LP6-A1. Hey God
LP6-A2. Something For The Pain
LP6-A3. This Ain't A Love Song
LP6-B1. These Days
LP6-B2. Lie To Me
LP6-B3. Damned
LP6-C1. My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms
LP6-C2. (It's Hard) Letting You Go
LP6-C3. Hearts Breaking Even
LP6-C4. Something To Believe In
LP6-D1. If That's What It Takes
LP6-D2. Diamond Ring
LP6-D3. All I Want Is Everything
LP6-D4. Bitter Wine

LP7-A1. It's My Life
LP7-A2. Say It Isn't So
LP7-A3. Thank You For Loving Me
LP7-B1. Two Story Town
LP7-B2. Next 100 Years
LP7-B3. Just Older
LP7-C1. Mystery Train
LP7-C2. Save The World
LP7-C3. Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars
LP7-D1. She's A Mystery
LP7-D2. I Got The Girl
LP7-D3. One Wild Night

LP8-A1. Undivided
LP8-A2. Everyday
LP8-A3. The Distance
LP8-A4. Joey
LP8-A5. Misunderstood
LP8-A6. All About Lovin' You
LP8-B1. Hook Me Up
LP8-B2. Right Side Of Wrong
LP8-B3. Love Me Back To Life
LP8-B4. You Had Me From Hello
LP8-B5. Bounce
LP8-B6. Open All Night

Have A Nice Day
LP9-A1. Have A Nice Day
LP9-A2. I Want To Be Loved
LP9-A3. Welcome To Wherever You Are
LP9-B1. Who Says You Can't Go Home
LP9-B2. Last Man Standing
LP9-B3. Bells Of Freedom
LP9-C1. Wildflower
LP9-C2. Last Cigarette
LP9-C3. I Am
LP9-C4. Complicated
LP9-D1. Novocaine
LP9-D2. Story Of My Life
LP9-D3. Who Says You Can't Go Home Featuring – Jennifer Nettles

Lost Highway
LP10-A1. Lost Highway
LP10-A2. Summertime
LP10-A3. (You Want To) Make A Memory
LP10-A4. Whole Lot Of Leavin'
LP10-A5. We Got It Goin' On Featuring – Big & Rich
LP10-A6. Any Other Day
LP10-B1. Seat Next To You
LP10-B2. Everybody's Broken
LP10-B3. Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore Featuring – LeAnn Rimes
LP10-B4. The Last Night
LP10-B5. One Step Closer
LP10-B6. I Love This Town

The Circle
LP11-A1. We Weren't Born To Follow
LP11-A2. When We Were Beautiful
LP11-A3. Work For The Working Man
LP11-B1. Superman Tonight
LP11-B2. Bullet
LP11-B3. Thorn In My Side
LP11-C1. Live Before You Die
LP11-C2. Brokenpromiseland
LP11-C3. Love's The Only Rule
LP11-D1. Fast Cars
LP11-D2. Happy Now
LP11-D3. Learn To Love

What About Now
LP12-A1. Because We Can
LP12-A2. I'm With You
LP12-A3. What About Now
LP12-B1. Pictures Of You
LP12-B2. Amen
LP12-B3. That's What The Water Made Me
LP12-C1. What's Left For Me
LP12-C2. Army Of One
LP12-C3. Thick As Thieves
LP12-D1. Beautiful World
LP12-D2. Room At The End Of The World
LP12-D3. The Fighter

Burning Bridges
LP13-A1. A Teardrop To The Sea
LP13-A2. We Don't Run
LP13-A3. Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning
LP13-A4. We All Fall Down
LP13-A5. Blind Love
LP13-B1. Who Would You Die For
LP13-B2. Fingerprints
LP13-B3. Life Is Beautiful
LP13-B4. I'm Your Man
LP13-B5. Burning Bridges

This House Is Not For Sale
LP14-A1. This House Is Not For Sale
LP14-A2. Living With The Ghost
LP14-A3. Knockout
LP14-A4. Labor Of Love
LP14-A5. Born Again Tomorrow
LP14-A6. Roller Coaster
LP14-B1. New Year's Day
LP14-B2. The Devil's In The Temple
LP14-B3. Scars On This Guitar
LP14-B4. God Bless This Mess
LP14-B5. Reunion
LP14-B6. Come On Up To Our House

Blaze Of Glory/Young Guns II
LP15-A1. Billy Get Your Guns
LP15-A2. Miracle
LP15-A3. Blaze Of Glory
LP15-A4. Blood Money
LP15-A5. Santa Fe
LP15-B1. Justice In The Barrel
LP15-B2. Never Say Die
LP15-B3. You Really Got Me Now
LP15-B4. Bang A Drum
LP15-B5. Dyin' Ain't Much Of A Livin'
LP15-B6. Guano City

Destination Anywhere
LP16-A1. Queen Of New Orleans
LP16-A2. Janie, Don't Take Your Love To Town
LP16-A3. Midnight In Chelsea
LP16-A4. Ugly
LP16-B1. Staring At Your Window With A Suitcase In My Hand
LP16-B2. Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart
LP16-B3. It's Just Me
LP16-C1. Destination Anywhere
LP16-C2. Learning How To Fall
LP16-C3. Naked
LP16-D1. Little City
LP16-D2. August 7, 4:15
LP16-D3. Cold Hard Heart

LP17-A1. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
LP17-A2. No Apologies
LP17-A3. Postcards From The Wasteland
LP17-A4. These Open Arms
LP17-A5. Walk Like A Man
LP17-B1. Neurotica
LP17-B2. I Could Make A Living Out Of Loving You
LP17-B3. What Do You Got?
LP17-B4. Dirty Little Secret
LP17-B5. Always

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