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Zach Gill - Life In The Multiverse 2LP
Zach Gill - Life In The Multiverse 2LP

Life In The Multiverse 2LP

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Zach Gill


Zach Gill to re-release latest album, Life In The Multiverse with three new tracks. Life In The Multiverse is the first album by multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Zach Gill in over 10 years, not counting a Christmas EP he released in 2013. Even though Zach has not released a lot of solo albums, he has been incredibly busy over the
past 17 years touring and recording with his band ALO who are also signed to Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records.


Disc One
A1. Window Display
A2. Solstice 2016
A3. Joy (Goodbye Guilty Pleasures)
A4. Alchemy
B1. The World Is New (Ode To The Father Of A Teenage Daughter)
B2. Chuck & The Nomads
B3. Eliza Grace
B4. Up From Down Below
B5. Little Speck

Disc Two
C1. Alright Soon...
C2. Ride This Sucker Out
C3. San Francisco
D1. Me & My Shadow
D2. Late Bloomers
D3. 96 Likes