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It Always Will Be LP

Willie Nelson

It Will Always Be is the 52nd studio album, released in 2004, by American country music singer Willie Nelson. It contains tracks such as the cover of the Allman Brothers Band song “Midnight Rider” as a duet with Toby Keith. Available on 180g black vinyl.


A1. It Will Always Be 
A2. Picture In A Frame 
A3. The Way You See Me 
A4. Be That As It May (feat. Paula Nelson) 
A5. You Were It 
A6. Big Booty 
A7. I Didn't Come Here (And I Ain't Leavin') 
B1. My Broken Heart Belongs To You 
B2. Dreams Come True (feat. Norah Jones) 
B3. Overtime (feat. Lucinda Williams) 
B4. Tired 
B5. Love's The One And Only Thing 
B6. Texas 
B7. Midnight Rider