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Pinkerton - Deluxe Edition 2CD


Disc 1
1. Tired Of Sex
2. Getchoo
3. No Other One
4. Why Bother?
5. Across The Sea
6. The Good Life
7. El Scorcho
8. Pink Triangle
9. Falling For You
10. ButterflyB-Sides and More:
11. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
12. Devotion
13. The Good Life (Radio Remix)
14. Waiting On You
15. I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams
16. The Good Life (Live and Acoustic)
17. Pink Triangle (Radio Remix)
18. I Swear It's True
19. Pink Triangle (Live and Acoustic)

Disc 2
1. You Won't Get With Me Tonight
2. The Good Life (Live at Y100 Sonic Session)
3. El Scorcho (Live at Y100 Sonic Session)
4. Pink Triangle (Live at Y100 Sonic Session)
5. Why Bother? (Live at Reading Festival 1996)
6. El Scorcho (Live at Reading Festival 1996)
7. Pink Triangle (Live at Reading Festival 1996)
8. The Good Life (Live at X96)
9. El Scorcho (Live and Acoustic)
10. Across The Sea Piano Noodles
11. Butterfly (Alternate Take)
12. Long Time Sunshine
13. Getting Up And Leaving
14. Tired Of Sex (Tracking Rough)
15. Getchoo (Tracking Rough)
16. Tragic Girl Previously unreleased