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The Human League - The Virgin Years 5LP
The Human League - The Virgin Years 5LP

The Virgin Years 5LP

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The Human League


This 5LP box set contains The Human League’s albums from their time with Virgin Records and all records come in color vinyl (chosen by the band) and in tip-on sleeves, all housed in a sturdy box with a poster. Dare is on turquoise vinyl, Fascination is on transparent lime vinyl, Hysteria is on yellow vinyl, Crash is on transparent red vinyl, and Romantic? is on crystal clear vinyl.


A1 The Things That Dreams Are Made Of
A2 Open Your Heart
A3 The Sound of The Crowd 
A4 Darkness
A5 Do Or Die 
B1 Get Carter
B2 I Am the Law
B3 Seconds
B4 Love Action (I Believe in Love)
B5 Don't You Want Me

A1 (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Extended Version) 
A2 Mirror Man
A3 Hard Times
B1 I Love You Too Much
B2 You Remind Me of Gold
B3 (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Improvisation)

A1 I'm Coming Back
A2 I Love You Too Much
A3 Rock Me Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again (Six Times)
A4 Louise
A5 The Lebanon
B1 Betrayed
B2 The Sign
B3 So, Hurt
B4 Life On Your Own
B5 Don't You Know I Want You?

A1 Money
A2 Swang
A3 Human
A4 Jam
A5 Are You Ever Coming Back?
B1 I Need Your Loving
B2 Party
B3 Love On the Run
B4 The Real Thing
B5 Love Is All That Matters

A1 Kiss The Future
A2 A Doorway?
A3 Heart Like a Wheel
A4 Men Are Dreamers
A5 Mister Moon and Mister Sun 
B1 Soundtrack To a Generation
B2 Rebound
B3 The Stars Are Going Out 
B4 Let's Get Together Again
B5 Get It Right This Time