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Ticket To Ride LP


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Ticket to Ride is the Carpenters' most interesting album, for it contains a range of interests and sounds that were modified or abandoned on subsequent albums. The lushly orchestrated "Someday" is a brilliant showcase for Richard's arranging skills and the most dramatic side of Karen's voice.  Now available on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.  


1. Invocation (Side A)
2. Your Wonderful Parade (Side A)
3. Someday (Side A)
4. Get Together (Side A)
5. All Of My Life (Side A)
6. Turn Away (Side A)
7. Ticket To Ride (Side B)
8. Don't Be Afraid (Side B)
9. What's The Use (Side B)
10.All I Can Do (Side B)  
11.Eve (Side B)
12.Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (Side B)
13.Benediction (Side B)