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The Last Meal LP
The Last Meal LP

The Last Meal LP

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Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg had transcended rap and was slowly becoming a cultural figure by the time his fifth studio album was released. He was also a hit machine and industry brass took notice. 'The Last Meal,' Snoop’s final release on No Limit Records, had a who’s who of personnel that added to the album’s success. Despite Master P helming the lion’s share of the album, other notable artists like Dr. Dre and Timbaland contributed signature beats, as well. Dre’s “Hennesey and Buddah (featuring Kokane)” is a bouncy, party banger while Timbaland’s “Snoop Dogg (what’s my name pt. 2)” is a huge sequel to the anthemic fan favorite that propelled Snoop’s career years prior.

The album had strong LA ties, namely G-Funk crooner Nate Dogg as well as production maestro Battlecat. Other guests that rounded out the album are West Coast legend Suga Free, Eve, MC Ren, and Ice Cube. The release quickly ran up accolades, debuting at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album chart. It gripped fans internationally, charting quite well in Germany, Sweden, France, and Australia. Despite critics giving it a tepid welcome, to this day, the project has sold over two million records worldwide and is a energized standout in Snoop’s long, still-thriving career.


A1. Intro 
A2. Hennesey N Buddah (featuring Kokane) 
A3. Snoop Dogg (what's my name pt. 2)
A4. True Lies (featuring Kokane)
A5. Wrong Idea (featuring Bad Azz, Kokane & Lil HD)

B1. Go Away (featuring Kokane)
B2. Set It Off (featuring MC Ren, The Lady of Rage, Nate Dogg & Ice Cube)
B3. Stacey Adams (featuring Kokane)
B4. Lay Low (featuring Master P, Nate Dogg, Butch Cassidy & Tha Eastsidaz)

C1. Bring It On (featuring Suga Free & Kokane)
C2. Game Court (Skit) (featuring Mac Minista)
C3. Issues
C4. Brake Fluid (biittch pump yo brakes) (featuring Kokane)
C5. Ready 2 Ryde (featuring Eve)

D1. Loosen' Control (featuring Butch Cassidy)
D2. I Can't Swim
D3. Leave Me Alone
D4. Back Up Off Me (featuring Master P & Mr. Magic)
D5. Y'all Gone Miss Me (featuring Kokane)