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The Vinyl Collection 1979-1984 7LP Box Set
The Vinyl Collection 1979-1984 7LP Box Set

The Vinyl Collection 1979-1984 7LP Box Set

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Simple Minds


Simple Minds - The Vinyl Collection 1979-1984, all albums from the period, housed in a limited edition 7LP box. Albums included: `Real to Real Cacophony,' `Life In A Day,' `Empires And Dance,' `Sons And Fascination,' `Sister Feelings Call,' `New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84),' and, `Sparkle In The Rain.' These titles have been re-mastered at Abbey Road Studios and are pressed on 180g audiophile vinyl. All original artwork and inserts have been replicated.


Life In A Day
1-A1. Someone
1-A2. Life In A Day
1-A3. Sad Affair
1-A4. All For You
1-A5. Pleasantly Disturbed

1-B1. No Cure
1-B2. Chelsea Girl
1-B3. Wasteland
1-B4. Destiny
1-B5. Murder Story

Real To Real Cacophony
2-A1. Real To Real
2-A2. Naked Eye
2-A3. Citizen (Dance Of Youth)
2-A4. Carnival (Shelter In A Suitcase)
2-A5. Factory
2-A6. Cacophony
2-A7. Veldt

2-B1. Premonition
2-B2. Changeling
2-B3. Film Theme
2-B4. Calling Your Name
2-B5. Scar

Empires And Dance
3-A1. I Travel
3-A2. Today I Died Again
3-A3. Celebrate
3-A4. This Fear Of Gods

3-B1. Capital City
3-B2. Constantinople Line
3-B3. Twist / Run / Repulsion
3-B4. Thirty Frames A Second
3-B5. Kant-Kino
3-B6. Room

Sons And Fascination
4-A1. In Trance As Mission
4-A2. Sweat In Bullet
4-A3. 70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall
4-A4. Boys From Brazil

4-B1. Love Song
4-B2. This Earth That You Walk Upon
4-B3. Sons And Fascination
4-B4. Seeing Out The Angel

Sister Feelings Call
5-A1. Theme For Great Cities
5-A2. The American
5-A3. 20th Century Promised Land

5-B1. Wonderful In Young Life
5-B2. League Of Nations
5-B3. Careful In Career
5-B4. Sound In 70 Cities

New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
6-A1. Someone Somewhere In Summertime
6-A2. Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel
6-A3. Promised You A Miracle
6-A4. Big Sleep
6-A5. Somebody Up There Likes You

6-B1. Somebody Up There Likes You
6-B2. Glittering Prize
6-B3. Hunter And The Hunted
6-B4. King Is White And In The Crowd

Sparkle In The Rain
7-A1. Up On The Catwalk
7-A2. Book Of Brilliant Things
7-A3. Speed Your Love To Me
7-A4. Waterfront
7-A5. East At Easter

7-B1. Street Hassle
7-B2. White Hot Day
7-B3. "C" Moon Cry Like A Baby
7-B4. The Kick Inside Of Me
7-B5. Shake Off The Ghosts