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Rory Gallagher - Check Shirt Wizard - Live in '77 2CD
Rory Gallagher - Check Shirt Wizard - Live in '77 2CD

Check Shirt Wizard - Live in '77 2CD

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Rory Gallagher


Rory Gallagher’s most successful albums are his live ones, such as “Live! In Europe” and “Irish Tour ’74”. He was an artist that came alive when on stage and this album covers a previously undocumented live period. These 20 songs, previously unreleased, set is culled from an early 1977 tour across the UK in support of his then-latest album ‘Calling Card’. Featuring fantastic live versions of tracks from that album as well as songs from the 1975 ‘Against The Grain’ album and other career favorites. This new album has been mastered at Abbey Road. The cover painting is by a young Irish graffiti artist Vincent Zara who has stenciled Rory’s image across his home country.


1. Do You Read Me
2. Moonchild
3. Bought And Sold
4. Calling Card
5. Secret Agent
6. Tattoo'd Lady
7. A Million Miles Away
8. I Take What I Want
9. Walk On Hot Coals

1. Out On The Western Plain
2. Barley & Grape Rag
3. Pistol Slapper Blues
4. Too Much Alcohol
5. Going To My Hometown
6. Edged In Blue
7. Jack-Knife Beat
8. Souped-Up Ford
9. Bullfrog Blues
10. Used To Be
11. Country Mile