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Robbie Williams - I've Been Expecting You LP
Robbie Williams - I've Been Expecting You LP

I've Been Expecting You LP

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Robbie Williams


Released in Oct 1998, I’ve Been Expecting You entered the chart at No. 1. It returned to the summit the following January, and once again a month later. It includes the hit singles "Millennium" (No. 1), "No Regrets" (No. 4), "Strong" (No. 4), and "She’s The One" (No. 1). "No Regrets" features backing vocals from Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant and The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon, while album track "Win Some Lose Some" includes the "Telephone Voice" of All Saints’ Nicole Appleton.


A1. Strong
A2. No Regrets
A3. Millennium
A4. Phoenix From The Flames
A5. Win Some Lose Some
A6. Grace
B1. It’s Only Us
B2. Heaven From Here
B3. Karma Killer
B4. She’s The One
B5. Man Machine
B6. These Dreams