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Richard & Linda Thompson - Hokey Pokey LP
Richard & Linda Thompson - Hokey Pokey LP

Hokey Pokey LP

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Richard & Linda Thompson


Released in 1975, Hokey Pokey Richard and Linda’s 2nd LP from 1974 is a much jollier release than its predecessor, I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight.

Richard always envisaged Hokey Pokey as “a music-hall influenced record”. He was a big fan of Harry Lauder and Gracie Fields, and this inspiration can be seen in the Victorian style cover by Shirt Sleeve Studio, and is audible on the title track, “Hokey Pokey” and also "Georgie On A Spree."

Richard and Linda’s 2nd album together is a mixture of darkly comic songs like “Smiffy’s Glass Eye” and the more world-weary nature of "I’ll Regret It All In The Morning” and “A Heart Needs A Home.” There are also more somber songs such as "The Egypt Room” which Richard described as “halfway between The Coasters Little Egypt, George Formby, and Dickens by way of Patricia Highsmith.” 

Pressed on 180gram vinyl


A1. Hokey Pokey 
A2. I'll Regret It All In The Morning 
A3. Smiffy's Glass Eye 
A4. The Egypt Room 
A5. Never Again

B1. Georgie On The Spree 
B2. Old Man Inside A Young Man 
B3. The Sun Never Shines On The Poor 
B4. A Heart Needs A Home 
B5. Mole In A Hole