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Memory Almost Full Deluxe CD
Memory Almost Full Deluxe CD

Memory Almost Full Deluxe CD

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Paul McCartney


2007 album from the former Beatle, his first release for the recently-established Hear Music label. The album was recorded between 2003 and 2006 and was performed entirely by Macca and produced by David Kahne. 13 tracks including the first single 'Dance Tonight'. The perfect album to enjoy with a Tall Espresso Roast because both are smooth and balanced with a slightly sweet finish.


1-1. Dance Tonight
1-2. Ever Present Past
1-3. See Your Sunshine
1-4. Only Mama Knows
1-5. You Tell Me
1-6. Mr Bellamy
1-7. Gratitude
1-8. Vintage Clothes
1-9. That Was Me
1-10. Feet In The Clouds
1-11. House Of Wax
1-12. The End Of The End
1-13. Nod Your Head
2-1. In Private
2-2. Why So Blue
2-3. 222
2-4. Paul Talks About The Music Of Memory Almost Full