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No Doubt LP
No Doubt LP

No Doubt LP

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No Doubt


Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing.

No Doubt is the self-titled debut studio album by the alt-rock/ska band No Doubt, released March 17, 1992, on Interscope Records. The album was originally recorded as an independent release but was re-recorded after the band was signed to Interscope. It was produced by Dito Godwin and recorded in Los Angeles. The album was released during a period in which the United States was mainly focused on grunge music, an angst-ridden genre that was almost the complete opposite of No Doubt's upbeat commercial sound. Despite strong tours, the album failed to perform as well as the record company expected it to, selling only 30, 000 copies. The record company refused to fund the release of a single from it, so No Doubt released the album's only single, "Trapped in a Box," independently. Since the band signed out of Interscope, the band independently produced and released a follow-up to No Doubt, The Beacon Street Collection, in 1995. This album had a better commercial performance than the band's debut album, selling 100, 000 copies, leading Interscope to finance and support their third album, Tragic Kingdom.


A2. Let's Get Back
A3. Ache
A4. Get On The Ball
A5. Move On
A6. Sad For Me
A7. Doormat

B1. Big City Train
B2. Trapped In A Box
B3. Sometimes
B4. Sinking
B5. A Little Something Refreshing
B6. Paulina
B7. Brand New Day