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Night Tempo - Ladies In The City Cassette
Night Tempo - Ladies In The City Cassette

Ladies In The City Cassette

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Night Tempo


Night Tempo, the South Korean producer/DJ in the recent international boom of City Pop released his first major-label album, Ladies In The City. The tracklisting includes all three preceding singles, “Love Actually (feat. Crystal Tea),” “Wonderland (feat. BONNIE PINK),” and “Night Light (feat. Sayumi Michishige)” as well as “Tokyo Rouge (feat. Maki Nomiya).” The Cassette is contained in a paper sleeve case.


A1. Intro
A2. Wonderland feat. BONNIE PINK
A3. One Way My Love (feat. Sumire Uesaka)
A4. Endless Mirage (feat. Mariko Tone)
A5. I Don’t Wanna (feat. Sayaka Yamamoto)
A6. Tokyo Rouge (feat. Maki Nomiya)
B1. Night Light (feat. Sayumi Michishige)
B2. Love Actually (Re-edit) (feat. Crystal Tea)
B3. Sentimental (feat. Miyu Takeuchi)
B4. House Music (feat. Otoha Totsuka)
B5. Sweet Combination (feat. Yurie Kokubu)
B6. Outro