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In A Time Lapse Special Edition 3LP

To mark the 10th anniversary of the release this special edition triple gatefold vinyl features all 14 tracks from the original album, 5 bonus tracks which were only ever released on iTunes, and all 7 official remixes including the Starkey remix of "Experience" which was used in a global British Airways synch and “Circles”, a vocal version of "Experience."


A1. Corale  A2. Time Lapse  A3. Life  A4. Run  A5. Walk  B1. Brothers  B2. Orbits  B3. Two Trees  B4. Waterways

C1. Newton’s Cradle  C2. Discovery At Night  C3. Experience  C4. Underwood  D1. Burning  D2. Bever  D3. The Dark Bank Of Clouds  D4. Sarabande  D5. Ronald’s Dream

E1. Circles (Based on ‘Experience’) – Great Svabo Bech  E2. Time Lapse (Steven Siegel Remix)  E3. Walk (Starkey remix)  E4. Walk (phaeleh remix) z F1. Experience (Starkey remix)  F2. Time Lapse (Dot Major remix)  F3. Discovery At Night (Robert Lippok remix)