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Release Therapy 2LP
Release Therapy 2LP

Release Therapy 2LP

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Release Therapy is the sixth studio album from Ludacris. It won the Best Rap Album award for the 2007 Grammy Awards. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 album making it Ludacris' third number one album in a row. Release Therapy is Ludacris's darkest album to date, both in mood and subject matter. Continuing with its vinyl reissue campaign, Respect The Classics will be reissuing this classic title back in print, on colored vinyl for the first time since it's original pressing 8 years ago.


A1. Warning (Intro)
A2. Grew Up A Screw Up
A3. Money Maker
A4. Girls Gone Wild

B1. Ultimate Satisfaction
B2. Mouths To Feed
B3. End Of The Night
B4. Woozy

C1. Tell It Like It Is
C2. War With God
C3. Do Your Time

D1. Slap
D2. Runaway Love
D3. Freedom Of Preach