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Keith Urban LP
Keith Urban LP

Keith Urban LP

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Keith Urban


‘Keith Urban’, the 1997 self-titled album celebrates its 20th anniversary by being issued on vinyl for the first time. Featuring the singles “It’s A Love Thing”, “Your Everything”, “But For The Grace Of God”, and “Where The Blacktop Ends”, ‘Keith Urban’ skyrocketed the country music artist to stardom.


A1. It’s A Love Thing (Side A)
A2. Where The Blacktop Ends (Side A)
A3. But For The Grace Of God (Side A)
A4. Your Everything (Side A)
A5. I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever) (Side A)
A6. A Little Luck Of Our Own (Side A)

B1. You’re The Only One (Side B)
B2. If You Wanna Stay (Side B)
B3. Don’t Shut Me Out (Side B)
B4. Out On My Own (Side B)
B5. Rollercoaster (Side B)
B6. I Thought You Knew (Side B)