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Imagine Dragons - Imagine Dragons 4LP Box Set
Imagine Dragons - Imagine Dragons 4LP Box Set

Imagine Dragons 4LP Box Set

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Imagine Dragons


4 pieces of Vinyl"Evolve" Vinyl Album"Smoke + Mirrors" Vinyl Album"Night Visions" Vinyl Album"Continued Silence" Vinyl EP - first time available on vinyl.


Continued Silence EP  
A1. Radioactive
A2. Demons
A3. On Top Of The World
B1. Round And Round
B2. It's Time
B3. My Fault
Night Visions  
A1. Radioactive
A2. Tiptoe
A3. It's Time
A4. Demons
A5. On Top Of The World
A6. Amsterdam
B1. Hear Me
B2. Every Night
B3. Bleeding Out
B4. Underdog
B5. Nothing Left To Say / Rocks
Smoke + Mirrors  
A1. Shots
A2. Gold
A3. Smoke And Mirrors
A4. I'm So Sorry
A5. I Bet My Life
B1. Polaroid
B2. Friction
B3. It Comes Back To You
B4. Dream
B5. Trouble
C1. Summer
C2. Hopeless Opus
C3. The Fall
C4. Thief
C5. The Unknown
D1. Second Chances
D2. Release
D3. Warriors
D4. Battle Cry
D5. Monster
D6. Who We Are
A1. I Don't Know Why
A2. Whatever It Takes
A3. Believer
A4. Walking The Wire
A5. Rise Up
A6. I'll Make It Up To You
B1. Yesterday
B2. Mouth Of The River
B3. Thunder
B4. Start Over
B5. Dancing In The Dark