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George Harrison - Brainwashed LP
George Harrison - Brainwashed LP

Brainwashed LP

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George Harrison


Brainwashed is the twelfth and final studio album by George Harrison. On 29 November 2001, Harrison died, leaving Brainwashed unfinished, but with a guide to completing it in the hands of his son and long-time collaborator and close friend, Jeff Lynne. After a few months away from the project, both the younger Harrison and Lynne returned to working on George's final songs and added the appropriate instruments, as per their composer's specifications, to complete his final album.


A1.Any Road
A2.P2 Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night) 
A3.Pisces Fish
A4.Looking For My Life
A5.Rising Sun,
A6.Marwa Blues 
B1.Stuck Inside A Cloud
B2.Run So Far
B3.Never Get Over You 
B4.Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
B5.Rocking Chair In Hawaii