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Feeling Strangely Fine - 20th Anniversary Edition


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The 20th Anniversary Reissue of Semisonic’s seminal 1998 album “Feeling Strangely Fine” Deluxe Gatefold 2-LP Gold Colored Vinyl Set with Expanded Artwork. Includes four bonus tracks and new liner notes by the band.


Disc 1
Closing Time Bob Clearmountain Mix (Side A)
Singing In My Sleep (Side A)
Made To Last (Side A)
Never You Mind (Side A)
Secret Smile (Side B)
DND (Side B)
Completely Pleased (Side B)
This Will Be My Year (Side B)

Disc 2
All Worked Out (Side C)
California (Side C)
She Spreads Her Wings (Side C)
Gone To The Movies (Side C)
Long Way From Home (Side D)
I'm A Liar (Side D)
Beautiful Regret (Side D)
Makin' A Plan (Side D)