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Fallen Empires (2LP)

Snow Patrol

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Reissue of Snow Patrol’s 6th studio album which reached #3 in the UK charts and features singles ‘Called Out in the Dark’ and ‘This Isn’t Everything You Are’. Pressed on black 180g vinyl.


Disc 1
I'll Never Let Go (Side A)
Called Out In The Dark (Side A)
The Weight Of Love (Side A)
This Isn't Everything You Are (Side A)
The Garden Rules (Side B)
Fallen Empires (Side B)
Berlin (Side B)
Lifening (Side B)
Disc 2
New York (Side A)
In The End (Side A)
Those Distant Bells (Side A)
The Symphony (Side B)
The President (Side B)
Broken Bottles Form A Star (Prelude) (Side B)