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Music To Be Murdered By Side B Deluxe Edition 4LP


A1. Premonition
A2. Unaccommodating
A3. You Gon' Learn
A4. Alfred (Interlude)
A5. Those Kinda Nights
A6. In Too Deep
B1. Godzilla
B2. Darkness
B3. Leaving Heaven
B4. Yah Yah

C1. Stepdad (Intro)
C2. Stepdad
C3. Marsh
C4. Never Love Again
C5. Little Engine
C6. Lock It Up
D1. Farewell
D2. No Regrets
D3. I Will
D4. Alfred (Outro)

E1. Alfred (Intro)
E2. Black Magic
E3. Alfred's Theme
E4. Tone Deaf
F1. Book Of Rhymes
F2. Favorite Bitch
F3. Guns Blazing
F4. Gnat

G1. Higher
G2. These Demons
G3. Key (Skit)
G4. She Loves Me
H1. Killer
H2. Zeus
H3. Thus Far (Interlude)
H4. Discombobulated