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The Delta Sweete 2LP
The Delta Sweete 2LP

The Delta Sweete 2LP

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Bobbie Gentry


Bobbie Gentry’s 1968 brilliant conceptual masterpiece and second studio album The Delta Sweete has been given the deluxe treatment. The 2LP features the original mono mix alongside a new stereo mix of the album (sourced directly from the surviving four-track and eight-track tapes). 10 bonus tracks including a previously unreleased original demo "The Way I Do" and a special instrumental version of "Okolona River Bottom Band."


A1. Okolona River Bottom Band –(Remastered 2020)  
A2. Big Boss Man –(Remastered 2020)  
A3. Reunion –(Remastered 2020)  
A4. Parchman Farm –(Remastered 2020)  
A5. Mornin' Glory –(Remastered 2020)  
A6. Sermon –(Remastered 2020)  
B1. Tobacco Road –(Remastered 2020)  
B2. Penduli Pendulum –(Remastered 2020)  
B3. Jessye' Lisabeth –(Remastered 2020)  
B4. Refractions –(Remastered 2020)  
B5. Louisiana Man –(Remastered 2020)  
B6. Courtyard –(Remastered 2020)  
C1. Okolona River Bottom Band –(Instrumental)–Previously unreleased  
C2. Mississippi Delta–(Alternate version)–Not been on vinyl before  
C3. Seventh Son –(Band Version)–Not been on vinyl before  
C4. The Way I Do –(Demo)–Previously unreleased  
C5. Feelin' Good –(Demo)–Not been on vinyl before  
D1. Mornin' Glory –(Demo)–Not been on vinyl before  
D2. Sermon –(Demo)–Not been on vinyl before  
D3. Jessye' Lisabeth –(Demo)–Not been on vinyl before  
D4. Refractions –(Demo)–Not been on vinyl before  
D5. Louisiana Man –(Demo)–Not been on vinyl before