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Blondie - Greatest Hits Sound & Vision 2CD
Blondie - Greatest Hits Sound & Vision 2CD

Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision 2CD

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If you consulted a Blondie discography in the fall of 2002, you would see a slew of compilations listed, and you might wonder why a new Greatest Hits was needed. But a closer examination would reveal that there really is a niche into which such a collection would fall: that of a full-priced, single-disc, CD-era hits compilation covering the band's entire career. Although still in print, The Best of Blondie is a 12-track release from the LP era, first issued back in 1981 in between Blondie's fifth and sixth regular albums. 1988's Once More Into the Bleach combines Blondie and Debbie Harry solo tracks. 1993's Blonde & Beyond is a rarity set. 1994's The Platinum Collection fills two CDs and is thus pricey. 1995's The Remix Project contains remixes. There have also been short, discount-priced collections and overseas compilations, but the niche remains -- and Greatest Hits fills it. It contains among its 19 tracks all ten of the band's U.S. chart singles as well as their major U.K. hits that did not chart in America. "X Offender," Blondie's 1976 debut single, is included, and so is "Maria," their 1999 comeback hit. By sequencing the album out of chronological order, the compilers emphasize the band's eclecticism. You don't get to hear Blondie's evolution from their early bubblegum punk style into the efficient power pop of the Mike Chapman productions and on into ersatz disco, rap, and Caribbean music; everything is all mixed up. The tropical 1980-1981 hit "The Tide Is High," for example, is followed by the belligerent "X Offender" from four years earlier, and the tough-talking "Rip Her to Shreds" gives way to the early hip-hop of "Rapture." Chronological order would have been better, but the hits are all here.


1. Heart Of Glass (Single Edit)
2. Sunday Girl
3. Atomic (Single Edit)
4. Call Me (Single Edit)
5. The Tide Is High (Single Edit)
6. Rapture (Single Edit)
7. Maria (Single Edit)
8. In The Flesh (Remix)
9. Rip Her To Shreds
10. Denis
11. Picture This
12. Fade Away And Radiate
13. Hanging On The Telephone
14. One Way Or Another
15. Dreaming
16. Union City Blue
17. Island Of Lost Souls
18. Good Boys (Blow-Up Mix)
19. End To End
20. Rapture Riders (Single Edit) –Blondie vs. The Doors Bonus Track

1. In The Flesh
2. Denis
3. Detroit 442
4. Picture This
5. Hanging On The Telephone
6. Heart Of Glass
7. Dreaming
8. The Hardest Part
9. Union City Blue
10. Atomic
11. The Tide Is High
12. Rapture
13. Island Of Lost Souls
14. Maria
15. Good Boys
16. Rapture Riders (UK Version) –Blondie vs. The Doors Bonus Track