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Blondie - Against The Odds: 1974 - 1982 Limited Edition 4LP
Blondie - Against The Odds: 1974 - 1982 Limited Edition 4LP

Against The Odds: 1974 - 1982 Limited Edition 4LP

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From first ever authorized and in-depth archive in Blondie's history, this deluxe 4LP features the very best of the out-takes & rarities from the Super Deluxe Collectors' Edition, remastered from the original analog tapes and cut at Abbey Road Studios. Available on exclusive 4LP transparent red vinyl with 112 page book featuring an exhaustive look at Blondie’s international notoriety via picture sleeves and regional pressings.


LP 1 – Out In The Streets
A1. Out In The Streets (1974)
A2. The Disco Song
A3. Sexy Ida
A4. Platinum Blonde
A5. The Thin Line
A6. Puerto Rico
A7. Out In The Streets (1975)
B1. Nameless (Home Tape)
B2. Mr. Sightseer
B3. Sunday Girl (Home Tape)
B4. Theme From Topkapi (Home Tape)
B5. The Hardest Part (Home Tape)
B6. Ring Of Fire (Home Tape)

LP 2 – Plaza Sound
A1. X Offender (Intro)
A2. X Offender (Private Stock Single)
A3. In The Sun (Private Stock Single)
A4. Little Girl Lies (Private Stock Mix)
A5. In The Flesh (Extended Intro)
A6. A Shark In Jets Clothing (Take 2)
A7. Kung Fu Girls (Take 8)
A8. Scenery
B1. Denis (Terry Ellis Mix) )
B2. Moonlight Drive
B3. Bermuda Triangle Blues - Flight 45 (Take 1)
B4. I Didn't Have The Nerve To Say No (Take 1)
B5. I'm On E (Take 2)
B6. Detroit 442 (Take 2)
B7. Poets Problem

LP 3 – Parallel Beats
A1. Once I Had A Love (Mike Chapman Demo)
A2. Sunday Girl (French Version)
A3. I'll Never Break Away From This Heart Of Mine (Pretty Baby)
A4. Hanging On The Telephone (Mike Chapman Demo)
A5. Will Anything Happen (Instrumental)
A6. Underground Girl
B1. Call Me
B2. Spaghetti Song (Atomic Part 2)
B3. Die Young Stay Pretty (Take 1)
B4. Union City Blue (Instrumental)
B5. Llámame

LP 4 – Coca-Cola
A1. I Love You Honey, Give Me A Beer (Go Through It)
A2. Live It Up (Giorgio Moroder Demo)
A3. Angels on the Balcony (Giorgio Moroder Demo)
A4. Tide Is High (Demo)
A5. Susie & Jeffrey
B1. Rapture (Disco Version)
B2. Autoamerican Ad
B3. Yuletide Throwdown