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Blink-182 - Cheshire Cat CD
Blink-182 - Cheshire Cat CD

Cheshire Cat CD

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Cheshire Cat is the debut studio album by the American punk rock band Blink-182. It was the only Blink-182 album produced by O, as well as being self-produced, and was released on February 17, 1994, on Cargo Music/Grilled Cheese. It is the only official Blink-182 album to be released under the band name Blink; the original name can be found on early copies of the album.

Released during the breakthrough year for punk rock in California, the album brought the band a small amount of success in San Diego as the band started to gather a following. "M+M's" and "Wasting Time" were released as singles to promote the album; "M+M's" and "Carousel" appear on the band's ''Greatest Hits'' album.


1. Carousel
2. M+M's
3. Fentoozler
4. Touchdown Boy
5. Strings
6. Peggy Sue
7. Sometimes
8. Does My Breath Smell?
9. Cacophony
10. TV
11. Toast And Bananas
12. Wasting Time
13. Romeo And Rebecca
14. Ben Wah Balls
15. Just About Done
16. Depends