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Little Bit Of Everything CD
Little Bit Of Everything CD

Little Bit Of Everything CD

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Billy Currington


Little Bit Of Everything showcases Billy’s many talents and his optimistic outlook on life. It’s evident that Billy is in a great place not only as a performer, but also as a songwriter and producer. “You know, I get asked a lot, ‘What’s your favorite thing to do? Writing the songs, going into the studio to record them, or doing live shows?’ And I can honestly say I love doing it all. They’re all fun. I can’t pick one over the others. I just feel so blessed and so lucky getting to do what I love.”


1. Swimmin' In Sunshine
2. Life, Love And The Meaning Of
3. Every Reason Not To Go
4. Don't
5. People Are Crazy
6. Everything
7. Walk On
8. No One Has Eyes Like You
9. That's How Country Boys Roll
10. I Shall Return
11. Heal Me