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Billy Currington - Enjoy Yourself CD
Billy Currington - Enjoy Yourself CD

Enjoy Yourself CD

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Billy Currington


Enjoy Yourself, Billy’s fourth album since he burst onto the scene in 2003, builds on the success of his 2008 collection, Little Bit of Everything, which yielded three No. 1 hits: “Don’t,” “People Are Crazy” and “That’s How Country Boys Roll.”

As with Little Bit of Everything, Billy’s latest features his now trademark mix of country, R&B and beach music. “It reflects who I am,” he says. “I’m definitely not just one thing. I’m the beach guy, I’m the country guy, I love my dirt roads and fishin’, but I love New York City and L.A. and Miami, too.”

The album is a perfect storm of material that Billy has been eyeing for just the right moment to release. “Some of these songs date back six to eight years,” he says. “There’s always a right time for everything.”


1. All Day Long
2. Love Done Gone
3. Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer
4. Until You
5. Like My Dog
6. Perfect Day
7. Let Me Down Easy
8. Bad Day Of Fishin'
9. Enjoy Yourself
10. Lil' Ol' Lonesome Dixie Town