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Beastie Boys - Check Your Head Deluxe Edition 4LP
Beastie Boys - Check Your Head Deluxe Edition 4LP

Check Your Head Deluxe Edition 4LP

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Beastie Boys


Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Beastie Boys’ 2X Platinum Check Your Head album, this limited-edition deluxe reissue is a rare version of the album that was released as a limited run in 2009. Long out-of-print and sought after by fans and collectors, it features two bonus LPs including remixes, live versions, and B-sides. Featuring the songs "So What’cha Want," "Pass the Mic," and "Gratitude" - Check Your Head was a somewhat return to their punk roots and introduced the trio to playing their own instruments for the first time on record since their early EP’s. This 4LP Deluxe Box Set is pressed on 180g vinyl housed in a fabric-wrapped, stamped hardcover case.


A1. Jimmy James
A2. Funky Boss
A3. Pass The Mic
A4. Gratitude
A5. Lighten Up
B1. Finger Lickin' Good
B2. So What' Cha Want
B3. The Biz Vs The Nuge
Featuring – Biz Markie
B4. Time For Livin'
B5. Something's Got To Give

C1. The Blue Nun
C2. Stand Together
C3. Pow
C4. The Maestro
C5. Groove Holmes
D1. Live At P. J.'s
D2. Mark On The Bus
D3. Professor Booty
D4. In 3's
D5. Namaste

E1. Dub The Mic (Instrumental)
E2. Pass The Mic (Pt. 2, Skills To Pay The Bills)
E3. Drunken Praying Mantis Style
E4. Netty's Girl
F1. The Skills To Pay The Bills (Original Version)
F2. So What' Cha Want (Soul Assassin Remix Version)
F3. So What' Cha Want (Butt Naked Version)
F4. Groove Holmes (Live Vs. The Biz)Featuring – Biz Markie

G1. Stand Together (Live At French's Tavern, Sydney Australia)
G2. Finger Lickin' Good (Government Cheese Remix)
G3. Gratitude (Live At Budokan)
G4. Honky Rink
H1. Jimmy James (Original Original Version)
H2. Boomin' Granny
H3. Drinkin' Wine
H4. So What' Cha Want (All The Way Live Freestyle Version)