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The Allman Brothers Band - ICON CD
The Allman Brothers Band - ICON CD


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The Allman Brothers Band


2013 collection from the Southern Rock pioneers. The unique dynamic sound created by the two brothers (keyboardist and soulful vocalist Gregg and the late guitar-hero Duane) alongside the four other members of their seminal and influential Rock band, which relied on blues and country styles to embellish their music, is legendary. Among the first of several key Southern rock groups to evolve in the early '70 s and survive the many decades since their formation in 1969, the band epitomizes Classic Rock. Many of their contributions to the pantheon of Rock staples are found on this nine song Icon release. Whether it's the simple pop sound of 'Ramblin' Man' to the anthem-like 'Whipping Post' and 'Midnight Rider,' their dual-guitar interplay, dual drumming and the gutsy vocals of Gregg easily help identify the group's music. And it's also their Jazz-influenced instrumentals like 'Jessica' and 'In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,' the latter written by Dickey Betts, the group's other renowned guitarist, that are timeless favorites of their fans of all ages.


1. Whipping Post
2. Midnight Rider
3. Melissa
4. Ramblin' Man
5. Wasted Words
6. Can't Lose What You Never Had
7. Crazy Love
8. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
9. Jessica