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Ghetto D Limited Edition Orange Crush 2LP

Master P

Master P's sixth studio album, Ghetto D, was released on September 2, 1997, through No Limit Records and Priority Records. This album made waves by claiming the number one spot on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop Album chart and selling 260K copies in its second week of release. The album features singles "I Miss My Homies," "Make 'Em Say Ugh!," and "Burbons And Lacs," with artists collaboration by Silkk The Shocker, C-Murder, Pimp C, and more.

The 3x RIAA platinum album Ghetto D has been reissued in an Orange Crush 2LP Vinyl.


A1. Ghetto D
A2. Let's Get 'Em
A3. I Miss My Homies
A4. We Riders
B1. Throw 'Em Up
B2. Tryin 2 Do Something
B3. Plan B
B4. Weed & Money 
B5. Captain Kirk

C1. Stop Hatin
C2. Eyes On Your Enemies
C3. Make 'Em Say Ugh
C4. Going Through Somethangs
D1. Only Time Will Tell
D2. After Dollars, No Cents 
D3. Gangstas Need Love
D4. Pass Me Da Green
D5. Come And Get Some
D6. Burbons And Lacs