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Lilyhammer: The Score - Volume 1: Jazz CD

Little Steven and The Interstellar Jazz Renegades

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From Little Steven’s acclaimed Netflix TV series, Lilyhammer, comes the soundtrack to seasons 2 and 3. As the series evolves, so does the music. The mind of Stevie Van Zandt created over 35 songs and a score ranging from traditional Norwegian folk, rock, to mambo.


A1. Lilyhammer Nocturne (Theme From Lilyhammer)
A2. Revelation
A3. African Dawn
A4. Lillehammer Mourning
A5. Baptism
A6. Toboggan Negotiation
A7. Curiosity
A8. Sunset
A9. Sunrise
A10. Gregorian Papyperm
A11. Elegy For Sally Boy
A12. Grampa Lento's Song
A13. Tandoori Epiphany

B1. Out of the Darkness
B2. Wolf Hunt
B3. Dance of the Persian Serpent
B4. The Minstrel Boy