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Are You Gonna Go My Way - Limited Edition 2LP

Lenny Kravitz

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For its 25th anniversary, Are You Gonna Go My Way is being released as a double LP pressed on 180g vinyl! It includes 8 bonus tracks as a second, 37-minute LP, the first time they'll be on vinyl. Featuring the singles “Are You Gonna Go My Way” and “Believe”, this album reached No. 1 in the U.K., Switzerland, Austria, and Canada and went 2x Platinum in the U.S.


Disc 1

1. Are You Gonna Go My Way (Side A)
2. Believe (Side A)
3. Come On And Love Me (Side A)
4. Heaven Help (Side A)
5. Just Be A Woman (Side A)
6. Is There Any Love In Your Heart (Side A)
7. Black Girl (Side B)
8. My Love (Side B)
9. Sugar (Side B)
10. Sister (Side B)
11. Eleutheria (Side B)

Disc 2

1. Ascension (Side A)
2. Brother (Side A)
3. Heaven Help (Side A)
4. All My Life (Side A)
5. Someone Like You (Side B)
6. Sister (Side B)
7. For The First Time (Side B)
8. Believe (Side B)