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Lady Gaga - The Fame 10th Anniversary Limited Edition USB
Lady Gaga - The Fame 10th Anniversary Limited Edition USB

The Fame 10th Anniversary Limited Edition USB

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Lady Gaga


In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Lady Gaga's explosive 2008 debut album, ‘The Fame’. The collectible product offering is being released on December 14. This limited-edition character USB, packaged in a custom display box, contains the original album, ‘The Fame,’ along with three bonus tracks, ‘The Fame Monster, the original album, both digital booklets, eight music videos, and an early EPK, filmed at the start of Lady Gaga's rapid ascent to stardom.


The Fame
MP3-1. Just Dance
MP3-2. LoveGame
MP3-3. Paparazzi
MP3-4. Poker Face
MP3-5. Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
MP3-6. Beautiful Dirty Rich
MP3-7. The Fame
MP3-8. Money Honey
MP3-9. Starstruck
MP3-10. Boys Boys Boys
MP3-11. Paper Gangsta
MP3-12. Brown Eyes
MP3-13. I Like It Rough
MP3-14. Summer Boy
MP3-15. Disco Heaven
MP3-16. Again Again
MP3-17. Retro Dance Freak


The Fame Monster
MP3-18. Bad Romance
MP3-19. Alejandro
MP3-20. Monster
MP3-21. Speechless
MP3-22. Dance In The Dark
MP3-23. Telephone
MP3-24. So Happy I Could Die
MP3-25. Teeth


Music Videos
MP4-26. Just Dance
MP4-27. Poker Face
MP4-28. LoveGame
MP4-29. Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
MP4-30. Beautiful Dirty Rich
MP4-31. Bad Romance
MP4-32. Alejandro
MP4-33. Telephone
MP4-34. The Fame EPK (2008)