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Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour LP
Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour LP

Golden Hour LP

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Kacey Musgraves


"After winning Album Of The Year at the Grammy’s, Kacey Musgraves really won the heart of America with her fourth studio album, Golden Hour and witty personality. The lyricism of each track ranges from being by yourself and content with “Lonely Weekend” to a lovely, sweet homage in the track “Mother.” Kacey’s soft, sultry voice along with her divine, genuine lyricism will have you putting this album on repeat over and over again."

- Macie Spear & Jannet Talat


A1. Slow Burn
A2. Lonely Weekend
A3. Butterflies
A4. Oh, What A World
A5. Mother
A6. Love Is A Wild Thing

B1. Space Cowboy
B2. Happy & Sad
B3. Velvet Elvis
B4. Wonder Woman
B5. High Horse
B6. Golden Hour
B7. Rainbow