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Ingrid Michaelson - Human Again LP
Ingrid Michaelson - Human Again LP

Human Again LP

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Ingrid Michaelson


2012 release, the fifth album from the singer/songwriter, the follow-up to 2009's Everybody. Produced by David Kahne, the tracks on Human Again are darker, impassioned songs that throw a wrench in Michaelson's reputation as the crafter of dainty love songs. The first single, "Ghosts," finds Michaelson exploring a more mature sound. "The album is called Human Again because it's taken me a very long time to be happy," explains Michaelson. "The music on this album might surprise some people. I was really singing out, physically; I was writing about a really dark time in my life.“


A1. Fire
A2. This Is War
A3. Do It Now
A4. I'm Through
A5. Blood Brothers
A6. Black And Blue
A7. Ribbons
A8. How We Love

B1. Palm Of Your Hand
B2. Ghost
B3. In The Sea
B4. Keep Warm
B5. End Of The World
B6. Ghost (Acoustic)