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Sea Change CD
Sea Change CD

Sea Change CD

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Sea Change is the eighth studio album by American alternative rock artist Beck and was released in September 2002. Inspired by the dissolution of a relationship, Sea Change received glowing reviews upon its release.

Sea Change peaked at #8 on Billboard's Top 200 chart and was eventually certified gold in March 2005. In the UK charts, it peaked at #20. As of July 2008, Sea Change has sold 680,000 copies in the United States. - Wikipedia

You can't get too comfortable with Beck. One minute he has you throwing down to some choice modern funk grooves, the next minute you're immersed in an unholy marriage of hip-hop rhythms and slide acoustic guitar. Then there's this tendency to get quiet.

That's where Beck Hansen heads on his latest effort, the aptly titled Sea Change. Just as 1998's gently ethereal Mutations swerved abruptly from the groove centric course set by Odelay two years prior, Sea Change is his reaction to 1999's more upbeat Midnite Vultures. As on Mutations,Beck recruits Radiohead cohort Nigel Godrich to help craft the moods, textures and atmospheres that float through Sea Change's dozen songs. And as on Mutations, Beck has come up with an unlikely winner that pays tribute to the depth and flex of his artistry.


1. The Golden Age
2. Paper Tiger
3. Guess I'm Doing Fine
4. Lonesome Tears
5. Lost Cause
6. End Of The Day
7. It's All In Your Mind
8. Round The Bend
9. Already Dead
10. Sunday Sun
11. Little One
12. Side Of The Road