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Star Fleet Project + Beyond (40th Anniversary) CD

Brian May + Friends

Format: 1CD

Star Fleet Project + Beyond features the single version of the title track alongside full-length album versions of “Let Me Out” and “Blues Breaker.” Included is an interview with Cynthia Fox and a Rockline interview with Bob Coburn. A live version of “Let Me Out” from the Palace Theatre in LA along with “We Will Rock You” and a reworking of the same song’s adored fast rendition. Finally, the CD closes with the full LP version of “Star Fleet.”

1. Star Fleet (Edited Single Version - 2023 Mix)
2. Let Me Out (2023 Mix)
3. Blues Breaker (2023 Mix)
4. Cynthia Fox Release Day Interview (1983)
5. Bob Coburn Rockline Interview (1984)
6. Let Me Out (Live at The Palace Theater, LA, 1993)
7. We Will Rock You (Live at The Palace Theater, LA, 1993)
8. We Will Rock You Fast (Live at The Palace Theater, LA, 1993)
9. Star Fleet (2023 Mix)