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War All The Time Limited Edition LP


Celebrating 20 years of War All The Time, Thursday releases a new green & black vinyl of their classic major label debut! Hitting the top 10 albums chart featuring the singles “For The Workforce, Drowning” & “Signals Over The Air”, War All The Time stayed true to their hardcore Emo roots that their fans have grown to love. Reissued here in remastered audio that includes a nicely detailed booklet of lyrics and artwork making for a great addition to the fans collection!


A1. For The Workforce, Drowning 
A2. Between Rupture And Rapture 
A3. Division St. 
A4. Signals Over The Air 
A5. Marches And Maneuvers
B1. Asleep In The Chapel 
B2. This Song Brought To You By A Falling Bomb 
B3. Steps Ascending
B4. War All The Time 
B5. M. Shepard 
B6. Tomorrow I’ll Be You