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The A&M Years 1975-1984
The A&M Years 1975-1984

The A&M Years 1975-1984

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All records pressed on black 180g vinyl and in a special case.


Equinox (1975)
A1 Light Up
A2 Lorelei
A3 Mother Dear
A4 Lonely Child
B1 Midnight Ride
B2 Born For Adventure
B3 Prelude 12
B4 Suite Madame Blue

Crystal Ball (1976)
A1 Put Me On
A2 Mademoiselle
A3 Jennifer
A4 Crystal Ball
B1 Shooz
B2 This Old Man
B3 Clair De Lune / Ballerina

The Grand Illusion (1977)
A1 The Grand Illusion
A2 Fooling Yourself
A3 Superstars
A4 Come Sail Away
B1 Miss America
B2 Man In The Wilderness
B3 Castle Walls
B4 The Grand Finale

Pieces Of Eight (1978)
A1 Great White Hope
A2 I'm OK
A3 Sing For The Day
A4 The Message
A5 Lords Of The Ring
B1 Blue Collar Man
B2 Queen Of Spades
B3 Renegade
B4 Pieces Of Eight
B5 Aku-Aku

Cornerstone (1979)
A1 Lights
A2 Why Me
A3 Babe
A4 Never Say Never
A5 Boat On The River
B1 Borrowed Time
B2 First Time
B3 Eddie
B4 Love In The Midnight

Paradise Theatre (1981)
A1 AD 1928
A2 Rockin' The Paradise
A3 Too Much Time On My Hands
A4 Nothing Ever Goes As Planned
A5 The Best Of Times
B1 Lonely People
B2 She Cares
B3 Snow Blind
B4 Half Penny Two Penny
B5 AD 1958
B6 State Street Sadie

Kilroy Was Here (1983)
A1 Mr. Roboto
A2 Cold War
A3 Do Not Let It End
A4 High Time
B1 Heavy Metal Poisoning
B2 Just Get Through This Night
B3 Double Life
B4 Have Not We Been Here Before?
B5 Do Not Let It End (Reprise)

Caught In The Act (1984)
A1 Music Time
A2 Mr. Roboto
A3 Too Much Time On My Hands
A4 Babe
B1 Snowblind
B2 The Best Of Times
B3 Suite Madame Blue
C1 Rockin' The Paradise
C2 Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
C3 Miss America
C4 Do Not Let It End
D1 Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
D2 Crystal Ball
D3 Come Sail Away