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The Greatest Hits CD
The Greatest Hits CD

The Greatest Hits CD

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3 Doors Down


Multiplatinum, chart topping Rock stalwarts, 3 Doors Down, release their first ever greatest hits package. Titled GREATEST HITS, the collection encompasses the groups much celebrated smash singles as "Kryptonite,” "Its Not My Time,” "When Im Gone,” and many more. Three new songs, including the single One Light, make the record a must have for both longtime fans and newcomers alike. GREATEST HITS reflects on 3 Doors Downs incredible journey thus far, while paving the way for even more success and timeless Rock to come.


1. Kryptonite
2. When I'm Gone
3. Here Without You
4. It's Not My Time
5. Let Me Go
6. Be Like That
7. Loser
8. Away From The Sun
9. Duck And Run
10. One Light
11. There's A Life
12. Goodbyes